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Home arrow Statistician's Digest arrow The Possession Evaluation Method According to Dean Smith
The Possession Evaluation Method According to Dean Smith Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 August 2011

Basketball Statistics Analysis Referred Concepts
"... The formula was developed by Dean Smith and detailed in his book Basketball ~ Multiple Offense and Defense.

According to Dean Smith Total Possessions are calculated by counting the three events which end a possession:

~ FG attempts. While the ball is in the air neither team controls it. A rebound of a missed shot (even an offensive-rebound) begins another possession.

~ FT opportunities. This counts the entire series of FTA, not each FTA separately. This is referred at the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System as the "Up-to-the-Line" opportunities. ...... ..."

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 30 August 2011 )
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On average, the ratio of offensive boards is about 3:7. If we assume that everyone contributes equally, the player we're analyzing contributes .6 offensive boards, so the rest of his team would get 2.4 offensive boards per 10 missed shots (close enough to 25%). Thus, an offensive board means .75 more possessions than expected, a defensive board .25 more. ...
( By RA from the eBA Forums )

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